Lochore Meadows Dirt Crit Finals-promoting Bikeability

Over 80 pupils from Fife participated in the 2018 Primary School Dirt Crit Series organised by Active Schools Coordinator Callum Imray, Senior Outdoor Education Instructor Allan Dunlop and Lochore Meadows staff. The aim of the series was to increase opportunities to take part in competitive outdoor cycling while raising awareness of links to local community clubs and sessions.

Our Bikeability Coordinator Shealagh attended to help raise the profile of Bikeability and get more people involved.

Forth Road Bridge Charity Conga

Saturday 23rd June

Conga and Commemorative Walk to celebrate 25 years of Queensferry Care.

Meet from 09:30am outside the Amey Offices at the Visitors Centre, Forth Road Bridge.

Walk and Conga line starts at 10am.

Refreshments and transport available.

To register, contact Carol Findlay – carol.findlay@qccc.org.uk