Be Nice, Don’t ICE

The number of EV drivers is increasing, and EV chargepoints are becoming busier. ChargePlace Scotland have produced an electric vehicle charging etiquette guide for all users of the ChargePlace Scotland EV network. The guide runs through some useful do’s and don’t s when it comes to charging when you are out and about.

“The ChargePlace Scotland Network is a public resource. Everyone who uses the ChargePlace Scotland Network has a right to access the public charge points on our network regardless of the type of plug-in electric vehicle they drive. Charge points are available for public use on a first come, first served basis. ChargePlace Scotland ask that you treat your fellow network users with respect and courtesy whilst making use of the public charge points.”

Click here to find the guide or go to the ChargePlace Scotland website under Further Information.


Don’t park an ICE in an EV chargepoint bay