Stagecoach Service Changes – Monday 25th January 2021

A lot has changed in the last year and Stagecoach have worked hard to ensure passengers get where they need to be but understandably, alot less people are using bus services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They’ve been able to keep a lot of their bus and coach network the same with the help of Government subsidy, but with continued travel restrictions and changing work patterns, they can’t continue running the  pre-pandemic network in full.


Local bus networks have been well used, however longer distance Express services are only being used by around 30% – 40% of customers compared to previous levels.
Due to this Stagecoach are making changes to their Express services from Monday 25th January, along with some minor changes to our local services to allow connections.


The list below outlines the services that are changing.  The new timetables are available by clicking on the service number.  The new timetables will allow you to see how your service will change – you may find that you need to change buses at a bus station or park and ride, but the same links between key locations are still available.

There are also some handy summary timetables below, some of which show the connections you’ll need to make to reach your destination – you can find these at the bottom of this update.

Please don’t forget, that right now, your travel should only be for essential purposes.


Service 36: Glenrothes – Perth

Timing point in Kintillo Paradise Avenue removed, no change to route.

Service 42: Glenrothes – Ladybank – Tayport – Dundee

The journeys between Dundee and Tayport are extended to Glenrothes to replace service X54 between Glenrothes and Cupar, and to provide a link between Cupar and Tayport.  The 42 will serve all stops on the route.

Service 42A: St Andrews – Tayport – Dundee

Renumbered from 42 with a revised timetable, to combine with the 42 to offer two buses an hour between Dundee and Tayport.

Service 56: Perth – Bridge of Earn – Milnathort – Kinross – Kelty – Halbeath P&R

AM college journey now operates as an X56. Timing point in Kintillo Paradise Avenue removed, no change to route.

Service 77: Gauldry/Wormit / Newport – Dundee

Minor revision to timetable.

Service 94X: St Andrews – Cupar – Newburgh

0520 Cupar to St Andrews withdrawn and replaced by 0518 X59 Cupar to St Andrews.

Service 95: St Andrews – Crail – Anstruther – St Monans – Leven

Revised PM school journey times to improve reliability.

Service 99/99A/99B/99C/99D: Dundee – Leuchars – Guardbridge – St Andrews

An extra Monday to Friday morning journey will run from St Andrews to Dundee at 0732. An extra late night journey will run from Dundee at 2355. The N99 journeys on Friday and Saturday nights are withdrawn.

Service X4: Leven – Windygates – Markinch – Glenrothes

New service, offering journeys between Glenrothes and Leven, replacing service X61. Connections are available at Glenrothes with the X54/X59 to and from Edinburgh and X24 to Glasgow.

Service X24: St Andrews – Glenrothes – Halbeath P&R – Fife Leisure Park – Dunfermline – Kincardine – Forth Valley Royal Hospital – Cumbernauld – Glasgow

Revised timetable to provide an hourly service from St Andrews to Dunfermline and a combined two buses an hour between Halbeath and Glasgow.

Service X26: Dundee – Glenrothes – Halbeath P&R – Dunfermline – Kincardine – Forth Valley Royal Hospital – Cumbernauld – Glasgow

Withdrawn. Links between service X27 and X59 at Halbeath means that the current half hourly frequency from Cupar/Glenrothes to Glasgow are still available; connections to and from Dundee are available at Glenrothes with the X24 and X54.

Service X27: Kirkcaldy – Victoria Hospital – Halbeath P&R – Dunfermline – Kincardine – Forth Valley Royal Hospital – Cumbernauld – Glasgow

Service X27A: Kirkcaldy – Victoria Hospital – Halbeath P&R – Fife Leisure Park – Queen Margaret Hospital – Dunfermline

Two buses an hour from Kirkcaldy to Dunfermline; X27 direct to Dunfermline then continues into Glasgow; X27A will serve Fife Leisure Park and Queen Margaret Hospital providing an express link between Queen Margaret Hospital and the Victoria Hospital; ideal journeys for key worker travel. Connections to Glasgow are available at Halbeath between the X27A and the X24 to maintain the half hourly Kirkcaldy – Glasgow link.

Service X37: Pitcairn – Collydean – Glenrothes – Kirkcaldy – Fife Retail Park – Chapel

0829 Fair Isle Road to Kirkcaldy bus station journey removed. Sir Thomas Elder Way timing point removed, no change to route.

Service X51: Dunfermline – Rosyth – Ferrytoll P&R – Livingston

Service will no longer run between Livingston and Glasgow, and will run between Dunfermline and Livingston only.  Scotrail continue to provide rail links between Livingston and Glasgow and Citylink coach services continue to run between Harthill, Eurocentral and Glasgow.

Service X52: Dunfermline – Rosyth – Ferrytoll – Edinburgh Bristo Square

Service resumed to Bristo Square, offering two AM journeys to Bristo Square and two PM journeys from Bristo Square.

Service X54: Edinburgh – Ferrytoll P&R – Halbeath P&R – Cowdenbeath – Glenrothes – Cupar – Newport – Dundee

Revised to run between Glenrothes and Cupar via Kettlebridge rather than via Ladybank. The service via Ladybank is covered as part of service 42. Replaces the X26 north of Glenrothes to Dundee and the X61 South of Glenrothes to Edinburgh. Connections available in Glenrothes onto the X24 for Glasgow. The section between Dundee city centre and Ninewells Hospital is withdrawn; alternative links to the hospital are available from Dundee city centre on services 16, 39, 73 & X7.  Xplore Dundee also operate journeys between the city centre and Ninewells – ABC tickets are available to use on both operator routes.

Service X55: Dunfermline – Rosyth – Ferrytoll – Edinburgh bus station / Bristo Square

Reduced frequency out with commuter times to provide a half hourly service to Edinburgh. Two AM journeys to Bristo Square and three PM journeys from Bristo Square added. Late night Friday and Saturday journeys on service N55, which have been suspended since March, will be withdrawn.

Service X56: Perth – Kinross – Halbeath P&R – Ferrytoll P&R – Edinburgh

The morning 56 College journey now operates as an X56.

Service X57: Kirkcaldy – Kinghorn – Burntisland – Aberdour – Dalgety Bay – Inverkeithing – Ferrytoll P&R – Edinburgh

Service revised to offer two AM commuter journeys to Edinburgh and three PM commuter journeys from Edinburgh Monday – Friday only.  Service X58 continues to provide additional journeys between Kirkcaldy, Dalgety Bay and Edinburgh.

Service X58: Kirkcaldy – Dalgety Bay – Inverkeithing – Ferrytoll P&R – Edinburgh

Service revised to operate between Kirkcaldy and Edinburgh only. Kirkcaldy to Dundee via Leven replaced by X61. Combines with the X60 and X61 to offer three buses an hour from Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh

Service X59: St Andrews – Glenrothes – Halbeath P&R – Ferrytoll P&R – Edinburgh

Timetable change to coordinate with other Edinburgh express services.

Service X60: St Andrews – Leven – Kirkcaldy – Ferrytoll – Edinburgh

Now hourly between St Andrews and Edinburgh, combines with the X58 and X61 to give three buses an hour from Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh. Combines with the X61 to offer two buses an hour from Leven to Edinburgh.

Service X61: Dundee – Leven – Kirkcaldy – Ferrytoll P&R – Edinburgh

The X61 operates via current X60 route (Chapel and Halbeath) providing half hourly links from north Kirkcaldy.  Combines with the X58 and X60 to offer three buses an hour from Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh.  Combines with the X60 to offer two buses an hour from Leven to Edinburgh.  It replaces the X58 from Kirkcaldy to Dundee.


Summary Timetables

Glasgow to Dundee summary

Cupar to Dundee summary

Glenrothes to Glasgow summary

Kirkcaldy to Glasgow summary

Leven to Glasgow summary

St Andrews to Edinburgh summary

Cycling on Film

Cycling on Film The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling have teamed up with the Bicycle Film Festival 15th-24th Jan.

A selection of films to appeal to a wide audience. The films take you on a journey around the world as we learn about a charismatic Ghanaian immigrant in Amsterdam who teaches refugee women to ride bikes –experience a birds-eye view of a BLM bicycle protest ride from New York to DC –feel the anguish of a father’s loss –the struggle of a young woman and her bike in Iran –and reprieve from genocide through cycle sport.

A ticket allows you to view the 90-minute short film package at any time between January 15 –24, streamed to your computer, tablet, or smart TV by simply clicking on the link provided by email. Ticket prices are “pay what you will” so all ticket prices entitle you to the same content. This way you can view the content in one sitting, or at your leisure, from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Tickets – click link below

St Andrews Bike Pool Fix It Sessions

Transition St Andrews are running free weekly Bike Pool Fix It Sessions every Monday and Wednesday. These are funded by the Scottish Cycle Repair scheme.

So, if you live nearby and your bike needs some TLC, you can book a session here


  • At these ‘pop up’ sessions we can can cover all basic bike maintenance and issues , including the £50 Government Bike Voucher scheme
  • Due to current COVID restrictions an individual appointment slot must be pre-booked
  • Scroll through the list of available dates and times (mostly Monday and Wednesday evenings, some Fridays) and select one. Complete your details to secure your spot
  • Your confirmation email will have further guidance about attendance. Please take a moment to read this
  • If you already know your bike is needing extensive work, this may be beyond the scope of the ‘pop up event’ . In this instance please send an email to explaining what you consider the issue(s) to be and we can advise further as to the best action.

Highway Code Consultation – Have your Say

Have your Say…

The UK Government is consulting on laws for safer cycling. The consultation document is seeking views on proposed changes to The Highway Code to improve safety for pedestrians, particularly children, older adults and disabled people, cyclists and horse riders. It is important that these groups feel safe in their interactions with other road users.

This interim review of The Highway Code, announced in October 2018, therefore focusses on the vulnerable groups mentioned above with specific consideration on overtaking, passing distances, cyclist and pedestrian priority at junctions, opening vehicle doors and responsibility of road users. There are 3 main changes that are being proposed through this consultation:

  1. introducing a hierarchy of road users which ensures that those road users who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to others
  2. clarifying existing rules on pedestrian priority on pavements and that drivers and riders should give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road
  3. establishing guidance on safe passing distances and speeds when overtaking cyclists or horse riders, and ensuring that they have priority at junctions when travelling straight ahead

The consultation closes at midnight on 27th October.

The online consultation form can be found on the website – click here

On Yer Doorstep Photo Competition

Can you take a photograph and write a caption to inspire others to get more active through healthier and environmentally greener journeys, and win a book voucher as well as a new bike stand for  your school?

During lockdown, we saw a dramatic and amazing decrease in air pollution in many areas. Many adults and children were out being active, walking and taking to two wheels – more than ever before. Families were spending more time together, enjoying their local surroundings and being outside. Fife Council  invites families to continue to Walk, Run, Scoot, Cycle during the autumn break and capture the fun of being outside by taking a photograph of something you found on your explorations, as well as coming up with an amusing or thought-provoking caption, something that might make us think, laugh or smile.

Judging Criteria

· Originality

· Creative ideas

· Thought provoking or humorous caption

· Does it fit the brief?

The Rules

The competition is open to all pupils across Fife and will fall into two categories: Under 12s and 12 to 18-year olds. However, entries must be submitted through a parent or guardian.

We request one photograph entry per person

Your photograph must be taken around Fife – On Yer Doorstep and be taken by the applicant.

Your photograph should be taken on a digital camera, phone or tablet and must be a minimum of 1Mb and no bigger than 10Mb

Photographs including people must have their permission to be included in the competition

By entering, you consent to allow us to use your photograph and caption on social media and in other publicity produced by Fife Council School Travel Planning Team.

Full competition rules can be found by clicking here

How to Enter

Email your photograph to  providing us with your full name, category as well as the all-important caption (just include it in the email, you don’t need to Photoshop it onto your photo).

Your data will only be used in conjunction with Fife Council’s Travel Planning Team Privacy Policy

Prizes and Judging

The competition will run 12 – 30 October. Entrants have until Friday 30 October 2020 to submit their photograph and caption.

Fife Council’s Travel Plan Team will select 10 photos from each category, then the finalist will be chosen by the Provost of Fife.

The top winner will receive a new bike stand for their school as well as a book voucher and the runners up will also receive book vouchers.

Through Spaces for People, temporary measures are helping people safely physical distance and are making it easier for people to walk, cycle and scoot around during the Covid-19 pandemic 

Electric coach service launching on 1 October

You may have been aware earlier in the year that a new fully electric coach service, the first in country, was being introduced between Dundee, Fife and Edinburgh.  Unfortunately, Covid-19 delayed the introduction of the service.  However I can now advise that the service is ready to commence on 1 October operated by an Operator called Ember who will be operating eight journeys per day in each direction, with stops in Inchture, Perth, Walnut Grove, Kinross P&R  and Rosyth, Admiralty Road, adj St Johns & St Columba’s Church.  The timetables for the E1 and E2 can be viewed by clicking here.

As well as being a fully accessible coach with wheelchair access, the ability to reserve a space for bicycles is also available.  

Concessionary cards are accepted for travel although Ember do advise that booking via the website is advised prior to travelling.  Fare paying passengers have the ability to purchase a ticket anytime up to the time of departure. 

Service changes from 28th September 2020

Stagecoach East Scotland –  Service changes from 28th September 2020

Service 4: Dunfermline – Oakley – Blairhall 

Minor timetable changes. 

Service 6: Crombie – Charlestown – Limekilns – Dunfermline 

Stagecoach hasn’t operated this service on a commercial basis since the lockdown and it is not their intention to reinstate the service due to low patronage.  As the removal of this service would mean there would be no bus services serving these areas the Council managed to keep a service running by diverting a resource form part of its subsidised network.  We are still looking at a long-term solution for this service but in the meantime, passengers should not notice any difference as the service will continue to operate as per the current timetable until further notice. 

View the current service 6 timetable. 
View the current service 6A timetable. 

Service 8/8A: Dunfermline – Culross / Alloa 

This service was extended to Falkirk in partnership with Fife Council and funded by Smarter Choices Smarter Places. The service relied on passenger numbers increasing each year. Due to the covid-19 pandemic passenger numbers are expected to stay below pre covid-19 levels for some time making this extension no longer viable. The 8A to Alloa will reroute to also serve Culross but will no longer service Clackmannan Main Street staying on Alloa Road. 

Fife Council supported Service 28 is still available for passengers wishing to travel beyond Culross to Falkirk.

 Service 19: Rosyth – Dunfermline – Halbeath P&R – Cowdenbeath – Ballingry 

Service frequency revised to operate every 15 minutes during the day. Route changed so service operates same route between Rosyth – Ballingry during the day serving Fife Leisure Park and Hill of Beath. Amazon journeys renumbered to 19A and Rosyth Dockyard journeys renumbered to 19D. 

 Service 23: St Andrews – Cupar – Auchtermuchty – Kinross – Dollar – Stirling 

This commercial service will be officially withdrawn however it should be noted that the service hasn’t operated since the 23rd March 2020/lockdown when many services were either reduced or halted.

This service was under review prior to the pandemic due to stagnant passenger numbers and increasing costs making the service operate at a significant loss and Stagecoach have confirmed that the service is no longer commercially viable despite attempts by the Council to keep it running.   We are still working with the other operators to try and come up with a solution to provide links between  Auchtermuchty, Strathmiglo and Gateside with Kinross.   

 Service 92: St Andrews (David Russell Apartments) – North Street 

This commercial service will be withdrawn. The service only operated during St Andrews University term time.  Stagecoach have advised that the usage has been decreasing for a number of years and again due to the pandemic this service cannot be continued to run at a loss.   Alternative services 42 and 99D continue to be available for passengers to use. 

The Monday to Friday school day journey from Leven bus station at 1445 will now depart 5 minutes earlier at 1440. 

Service X24/X26: St Andrews/Dundee – Glenrothes – Halbeath P&R – Dunfermline – Kincardine – Glasgow 

Revised timetable with the service no longer serving Glasgow Airport 

Service X27: Glasgow – Dunfermline – Halbeath – Kirkcaldy – Leven

The Saturday journey from Kirkcaldy bus station at 1835 has been withdrawn due to low usage. 

Service X55: Edinburgh – Rosyth – Dunfermline

Stagecoach have advised that the following Monday to Friday journeys are being withdrawn due to low usage: 

·         0659 from Dunfermline bus station 

·         0719 from Dunfermline bus station 

·         0739 from Dunfermline bus station 

·         1656 from Edinburgh bus station 

·         1716 from Edinburgh bus station 

·         1736 from Edinburgh bus station.

Kirkcaldy Cycling Festival Fun

Kirkcaldy Cycling Festival 
The second cycling festival ran from Saturday 22nd – Monday 31st August. It consisted of a mixture of small face-to-face activities and online events.
The week included a selection of led rides, including a family ride and one for ladies and non-binary people. Fife Council’s Bikeability CTA volunteers attended running 3 Bikeability games sessions.
The weather was dry and sunny, and nine participants attended over three sessions that day. The sessions started with some bike skills taught by Gary, who is a volunteer with Greener Kirkcaldy, and also a Bikeability volunteer. 
The cycling ability of those who took part varied from novice up to fairly confident cyclist. The bike skills part of the session gave the novice riders enough confidence to then enjoy a led ride around Beveridge Park.
In addition to that, two online events took place:
– Why Cycle? Local cyclists talked about their experiences of different types of cycling locally – from long distance road cycling to commuting by bike, and cycling the kids to school.
– Better Living through Pedalling – Lilith Cooper, author of Gears for Queers talked about how cycling has helped her mental health, and Nat Spring talked about how cycling helped him gain confidence after an accident, and inspired him to set up the 40 Days wellbeing challenge.
 There is more information here –

Family Bike Ride (part of Kirkcaldy Cycling Festival) 23rd August

Family Bike Ride (part of Kirkcaldy Cycling Festival)

Sunday 23rd August : 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Meet at Morrisons, Kirkcaldy

Come along for a leisurely family bike ride using a mix of quiet roads and traffic-free paths.

Participants should be able to cycle for 1.5hrs at a leisurely pace. Children (and adults) should have enough basic cycling skills to cycle on quiet roads. Children must be accompanied – no more than two children per adult. 

Please make sure your bike is roadworthy before coming and wear appropriate clothes for the weather. Remember to also bring your own water and snacks. 

We will be meeting at the burger van in front of Morrisons. 

This event is part of the Kirkcaldy Cycling Festival.

Booking Instructions

The event is free but booking is required. Due to the need for social distancing, we are limiting the numbers on our bike rides. Each ticket covers up to two people from one household – if more people would like to attend from your household, please contact to check if this is ok.

If you are having trouble booking you can call 01592 858458 or email for assistance.