Commuting and cycling to school

Beat the queues with pedal power. There are loads of reasons to join ‘the two wheeled world’.

  • It’s quicker by bike; get there faster and fitter.
  • It’s brighter by bike; fresh air and exercise helps you think more clearly.
  • It’s cheaper by bike.

There’s never been a better time to start cycling to school, college or work, so why not get out there and give it a go?

Check out the journey planner to find out the quickest route for you.

Why cycling is good for you and good for business

More employees cycling can yield financial benefits through reduced travel expenses and demand for car parking. Spaces can be leased or land freed up for more profitable use.

Investing in the health of employees can reduce sickness absences, increase loyalty and improve staff retention.

Promoting sustainable transport can enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility reputation.

Cycling to school

Do your kids enjoy getting around under their own steam, riding with their friends, arriving at school ready to start their day?

At Cycle Fife we really encourage pupils to ride to school. Look at our tips and decide whether it’s for you and your children.

Ask if your school has a School Travel Plan and if it actively subscribes to it.

Ask at school about cycle training. We offer FREE Bikeability (Cycling Proficiency for the 21st Century) training to every school within Fife.

Work out the best way to get to school on your bike with the Fife Cycle Map or the Journey Planner!

Cycle with confidence – be aware of other road users and make sure they can see you!

Cycle parking & security

Fife Council has installed cycle stands in schools, work places and community areas and cycle lockers can be found at a number of sites across the Kingdom, for example, at most train stations. Full details on map below.

Closed Circuit Television Systems have also been installed in a number of areas to help reduce crime and increase security. However, to reduce the risk of having your bicycle stolen, it is important that you follow these guidelines:

  • Secure your bicycle with a good quality solid lock. If your wheels have a quick release system, remove the front wheel and secure it to the frame and back wheel. If other parts are removable, take them with you.
  • Park your bike where passing pedestrians can see it.
  • If possible, insure your bike, have your frame postcoded and make a note of the colour, frame size, make, model and any other special details.

This information will help the Police if your bicycle is stolen.

Maps showing distances for cycling and walking

Glenrothes distances 1 and 2 miles A3 LS

Kirkcaldy distances 1 and 1.5 miles A3 LS

Dunfermline distances 1 & 1.5 mile A3 LS